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The Connected Lighting Alliance is evaluating the requirements of the professional indoor lighting market, and will make proposals for an open wireless connectivity standard.

In the indoor professional lighting market, wireless control of lighting systems can enhance energy efficiency and improve the quality of light for end users. Such control systems should allow cost-effective installation, configuration and reconfiguration, as well as flexible control of fixtures.

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Existing solutions are based on several proprietary technologies and open standards, but it is widely recognized that interoperability between lighting devices will drive faster market adoption in commercial and public buildings.

The Connected Lighting Alliance is evaluating the lighting-specific requirements for an open wireless connectivity standard for indoor professional lighting. This activity also provides the lighting industry with an opportunity to interface with other industry stakeholders, such as building automation companies.

The story so far

  • TCLA identifies the Thread Group as the best candidate to collaborate on an indoor professional lighting solution

    After successfully endorsing and promoting an open standard for connected lighting in homes, TCLA has extended its scope to the indoor professional lighting market. With input from its members, the Alliance established a set of lighting-specific market requirements for the network-layer portion. An evaluation of a number of open protocols was then carried out, with the goal of identifying a Standards Development Organization (SDO) that was capable of delivering a suitable solution for the network-layer. TCLA concluded that no single solution on the market today meets all the requirements, but that the Thread Group came closest. As a result, TCLA identified the Thread Group as its preferred SDO partner, and the two organizations are now collaborating to close the remaining network-layer requirement gaps for indoor professional lighting.

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  • 2013: TCLA extends scope to indoor professional lighting

    Following its endorsement of ZigBee Light Link as the preferred common open standard for residential connected lighting applications, The Connected Lighting Alliance launched a new initiative focused on the indoor professional lighting market. Since then, the Alliance has analysed market requirements for indoor professional lighting applications, and engaged with standards developing organizations and other stakeholders.

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