Wireless lighting connectivity offers a wide range of benefits including:

- An enriched quality of life 

- Freedom of choice

- Interoperable bulbs and switches

- Easy installation and intuitive controls

- A backbone for your home automation network

Benefits for the Consumer

Consumers value the convenience and simplicity of controlling light wherever they are.

Wireless connectivity allows consumers to easily create ambiance settings or lifestyle expressions with lighting.

The Alliance strives towards a future where a consumer can buy a lamp from company A, put it in a luminaire from company B, using a control from company C or a wireless switch from company D, and have a total solution that works. This will increase consumer confidence to adopt wireless lighting products, and make it easier to connect multiple lighting products and control these as a system. In addition, the more a particular open standard is used, the better the economies of scale related to the components, taking unnecessary cost out of the system.



Benefits for the Industry

A shift towards wireless lighting connectivity offers many opportunities to lighting product suppliers. In order to make this successful, the industry needs to differentiate on products and lower the adoption barrier for consumers as much as possible.

By agreeing to use open standards on specific interfaces, the products offered to the market can differentiate and complement each other. This will not only establish interoperability and benefit the consumer (which will enhance the market adoption rate), but will also spread the cost and risk of introducing new wireless lighting products.




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