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The Connected Lighting Alliance

The Connected Lighting Alliance is the primary advocate of wireless connectivity in lighting applications. We are a non-profit organization constituted by leading companies in the lighting industry. Our mission is to promote the global adoption and growth of wireless lighting solutions by supporting open standards.

Across the globe, industry ecosystems are emerging that support different standards. The lighting industry needs a unified approach to enable compatibility and avoid consumer confusion. 


The Connected Lighting Alliance aims to provide a clear direction to the lighting industry, to stimulate a unified approach, and to facilitate the shift towards wireless lighting connectivity.


The activities of the alliance are currently focused on residential and commercial buildings. However, our charter is not restricted to these lighting applications; our members determine what we work on.

Our accomplishments

  • Endorsement of ZigBee 3.0 as common open wireless connectivity standard for the residential lighting market

  • Scope extension to the indoor professional lighting market.

    Announcement of collaboration with the Thread Group on an open protocol solution for the network-layer in indoor connected lighting applications

    Read our Press Release here

  • The Alliance has grown to 38 members; 11 Regular- and 27 Associate Members

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